Sunday, April 10, 2016

Prepare To Cry

Dark Souls III is right around the corner and everyone is preparing to cry. The game has already been out in Japan and it finally comes out in the US April 12th. Many people are trying to get a glimpse of the game early, but is it worth watching? 

A long time player of the souls games, Jared Lonsberry, is extremely excited, but is hesitant to watch revealing game play.

"I don't really see a point to watching people play the game before it comes out to us in the US. The point of Dark Souls is to try to test your skills against tough and changing enemies. If you watch people play the game before hand it takes away from the initial experience". 

Many people believe the same thing. It takes away from the surprise. Watching the game before it gets released can help you when it finally comes out, but not experiencing it hands on makes the game a bit lackluster. They don't call it Prepare To Cry for nothing. 

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