Sunday, April 17, 2016

Unda Da Sea

Subnautica! Finally! I got time to sit down and play Subnautica and it may be a bit late, but good things come to those who do that sort of thing. 

Subnautica is an early access adventure/survival game that takes place after your space ship crashes on a strange planet and you escape in an escape pod. You find out quickly that the world seems to mostly consist of water. Your only option, swim to survive. 

Visually, Subnautica is absolutely staggering. From the ocean biomes to the plant and animal life that inhabits it, the game leaves no one wanting in that department. The vibrant colors of different regions you can explore and the lighting effects at night lead to visually stunning game, no matter what type of settings you run it on.

Now, as it is an early access, some people complain that there isn't a whole lot to do. Those people are wrong. There is so much to do and explore in Subnautica and it is only in Alpha. From hunting down pieces of your destroyed ship for parts, fending off creatures from the deep while you explore, or building your own underwater super fortress, this game has hours upon hours of fun. 

While there is a lot to do, there are four game modes to play on, expanding your options even more. A creative mode for doing whatever you want, a normal survival mode with oxygen, radiation, starvation and dehydration, a mode with just oxygen and radiation, and a hardcore one life setting. 

Depending on what game type you play will depend on what approach you should take to your game. There are many different fish that you can craft into food or water, but there are bigger creatures in the deep that could prove troublesome if taken on to early, especially on hardcore. You will need to craft different objects and useful tools along the way to help you navigate and cultivate this aquatic world you have crashed on. 

On top of all these amazing things, the soundtrack is superb. The transitions from area to area or when your being attacked makes the game just that much better. 

Many people are asking if their computer can run a game even if its just at the minimal requirements. With a lot of games the answer would be yes, but Subnautica might just fit into a different category. You should be able to get away with playing on low settings with your draw distance very low, but to really experience this game and all its H2O antics, it needs to be played with decent settings.

Subnautica has really done amazing for such an early release game. The developers continue to work hard on it and release new content or patches every week or so. Nate Torre, who played Subnautica from the original release, put it perfectly. "Subnautica is the best $20 I have ever spent on a video game, period." Its a fun game that any age of player could enjoy. Go check out the trailer here.

I give Subnautica five delicious Airsacks out of five.

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